The core of our philosophy is to provide bespoke investment related services that are truly independent and founded on sound judgment and objectivity.

Our qualities and principles form the foundation of our professional conduct: Professionalism, Ethos, Independence, Objectivity, Skill, Competence and Diligence.

7Q moulds these seven qualities together and acts for the benefit of all clients, putting their interests at the centre of the company offering.

Regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission - License number: 061/05
Risk Warning: Trading in financial instruments may result in losses as well as profits. Past performance is no guarantee of future results. Trading in derivatives (e.g. options, futures, swap contracts) could result to the loss of the whole capital invested. Derivatives are bilateral contracts whose value depends upon the value of an underlying asset or index. Trading in leveraged financial instruments may result in losses greater than the initial invested capital. You should only invest in derivatives or leveraged financial instruments if you posses the necessary knowledge and experience to understand the risks involved, the investment meets your investment objectives and you are financially able to bear the investment risks.  For further information on risks inherent in investing, click here.